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Lufthansa office opens in Budapest

Lufthansa Systems has announced the official opening of its new Operation Center in Budapest.The Operation Center will manage all remote infrastructure services for the network and server systems of Lufthansa Systems, ensuring that Lufthansa Systems customers worldwide have access to high-quality IT services around the clock. “We are proud to have created another 100 attractive jobs for highly skilled IT experts in Budapest,” said Wolfgang F.W. Gohde, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of Lufthansa Systems AG, at the opening of the Operation Center. “This Operation Center has made Budapest an important pillar of our worldwide activities.”

The new Operation Center in Budapest is located at Infopark D, an innovation center for IT, telecommunication and software development. A fail-safe network infrastructure connects the Operation Center with the data center at the Lufthansa Systems headquarters in Kelsterbach, which is one of the most modern and powerful data centers in Europe. More than 1,000 server systems are already being managed from Budapest. The migration will be completed by July.


Lufthansa Systems established its first branch office in Budapest in 1995. Lufthansa Systems Hung├íria now has 450 employees and plays a key role in the development of many Lufthansa Systems products. “Through their achievements and expertise, our employees in Budapest have won the recognition and respect of their colleagues and our customers worldwide,” Mr. Gohde said. “We provide talented young Hungarians with exciting jobs and an ideal environment for personal and professional growth.”



One of the deciding factors when choosing the Infopark D location in Budapest was the site’s proximity to ELTE University and Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Mr. Gohde announced that Lufthansa Systems intends to intensify its cooperation with both universities. “We are proud to support these local universities, which are working to ensure that Budapest remains an attractive site for the IT industry in the future,” he said.