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Pegasus buys Wizcom

Pegasus Solutions has announced it has acquired Wizcom, a wholly owned subsidiary of Travelport.The acquisition further establishes Pegasus as one of the leading providers of Global Distribution System (GDS) switch services - the alternative to GDS direct connects.

“This year has been one of tremendous growth for Pegasus and this acquisition speaks to our commitment to maintaining this momentum and stability,” said Pegasus Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, John Davis. “Pegasus provided a breakthrough in the hospitality industry when we first developed the Pegasus switch more than 17 years ago. The acquisition of Wizcom enables Pegasus to continue to provide switch services on an even broader scale for the hospitality industry, and that is something we have advocated since our beginning.”

Wizcom’s product range includes GDS and GDS-related products, Internet Distribution Systems Connectivity and Data Management solutions. As a result of the acquisition, Pegasus will inherit all of these products and will begin integrating the Wizcom business into the Pegasus organization.

“Since Travelport became an independent privately owned company, we have considered a number of options for the placement of the Wizcom business within the Travelport family,” said Ken Esterow, president & CEO, GTA by Travelport. “After conducting this evaluation, we have determined that the most suitable solution for Wizcom customers was for this business to become part of a company whose primary business is the provision of switch services and so Travelport has agreed for Pegasus Solutions to acquire Wizcom.”