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Pegasus Solutions unveils explanatory video

Pegasus Solutions unveils explanatory video

A year after hotelier David Millili was named chief executive officer, Pegasus Solutions is taking hotels into The World of Distribution. This week, the company premiered an explanatory video called “The World of Distribution” on The video sheds light on the essential basics of global distribution for hotels.

The World of Distribution“As an industry, it is common to deliver overly technical messages that become white noise for the hotelier tasked with managing a property,” said Millili.

“For the last year, based in large part on conversations I’ve had with clients, we’ve examined what it means to be a distribution provider. What hotels need are consultants, partners, fellow hoteliers that can relate to their challenges and tailor solutions to deliver bookings.

“In response, we’ve hired former hoteliers at all levels, from the C-level down. We’ve realigned solutions to better address actual hotel needs, and found ways to simplify the conversation, as with The World of Distribution video.” Millili added,

The most recent appointments of former hoteliers at Pegasus include John Owens, who was named senior vice president, distribution sales; and Gianna Rivera, global director, distribution sales. Additionally, Mark Swetman was promoted to vice president, global sales, Americas; and Diana Imber to vice president, sales, Open Hospitality, a division of Pegasus Solutions.


Six months after assuming the helm, Millili led Pegasus’ introduction of Pegasus Connect+ to offer hotels affordable connectivity through RVNG, the only central reservations system built to manage selling hotel rooms in the Internet age. As the company forges ahead in responding to client needs, a second explanatory video will launch this summer on Pegasus Connect+, along with a global seminar series on The World of Distribution.