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Lonely Planet launches booking website

Lonely Planet is launching its independently author-reviewed and recommended online accommodation booking service, Lonely Planet Haystack, at
Lonely Planet Haystack is a unique ‘invitation only’ booking service that features only properties that have been visited, reviewed and recommended by a Lonely Planet author.

All Haystack properties are hand-picked by Lonely Planet authors and the site features detailed author reviews and information on each property, complemented by reviews from independent travellers.

According to Dan Christian, Lonely Planet’s Haystack Product Manager, “Haystack truly is a unique service in that every property listed is recommended as a great place to stay. Furthermore, all property reviews are 100% independent and written by experienced travel writers.”

Haystack includes a wide range of accommodation options for different budgets. Fifty-percent of the properties that have already joined the service were not previously bookable online through any other service.

“We are inviting our favourite properties from around the globe to join the service - whether it’s a backpackers in Sydney, an eco-resort in Yap, or a boutique hotel in Rome,” added Mr Christian.


Lonely Planet Haystack launches with over 390 properties from 20 countries and will develop rapidly from launch.

“Haystack will continue to grow daily as more destinations and properties are added to the site throughout 2007 and beyond,” said Dan Christian.

At launch, Haystack features properties from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Fiji, Micronesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Israel, Egypt, Peru, Argentina, and Columbia.