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Travel Zone migrates Travel Planners

The Travel Zone have completed a migration of over 1000 Travel Planners agents to the Agent RC technology platform. 
Travel Planners, one of the nations top host agencies, implemented The Travel Zone’s technology platform a few months ago and has already realized dramatic improvements in their operations and support services. 

The entire TPI 30 person support staff now has access to the web based platform allowing them to provide real time support to their network of outside agents.  An integrated help ticket, knowledgebase and live chat system provide the TPI support team with enhanced communication tools.  All team members can also make real time changes to the agent portal including uploading documents, content and information with a point and click interface.  Something that was simply not possible before the Agent RC platform.

We worked closely with the Travel Planners top executives to customize the platform to meet their goals.  A few months ago, the TPI team set out on an aggressive plan to launch 10 new hosting plans and implement the advanced functionality of the Agent RC technology platform, said Bill Almonte, The Travel Zone’s founder and CEO.  “We are extremely pleased that Travel Planners chose to implement the Agent RC solution for their organization.  Having one of the largest host agencies in the United States migrate over 1000 agents and 10 different hosting plans shows the remarkable power, flexibility and advantages of the platform.”

The Travel Planners home based agents benefit as well.  They now have access to one integrated solution to manage their entire travel business.  The centerpiece of the agent desktop is the Trip Builder system which offers TPI agents advanced CRM, group and payment management, customized quotes, invoices and one click interface to accounting.

With Trip Builder, TPI agents can actually create web based travel planning environments which allow multiple travelers to login to an online web page at the same time and communicate with each other and the travel agent in the same workspace.  As the travel agent progresses through the trip planning process, all travelers are instantly notified of all new trip proposals, comments, payments posted, web research, invoices and more.  “The new collaborative Trip Builder will dramatically enhance the way TPI agents work with their clients.” said Almonte.


Existing host operations and small or medium sized store front agencies can all benefit from the Agent RC technology platform.  The web based hosted solution offers any sized travel agency a completely turn key system to manage a host/fulfillment operation, all at an affordable monthly subscription cost which the agency can then resell for a profit.  Plans start at $249 per month.  The technology platform will provide the core infrastructure for any successful host program while providing the agency with a truly 360 degree view of their outside agent network.

The platform is specifically designed to work with agencies that already have their own ARC, IATA or CLIA number.  Agencies can enhance their existing host program or start a brand new one.  Agent RC offers a robust infrastructure to dramatically grow an outside sales force.

The beauty of Agent RC is in its flexibility. It is entirely adaptable to any host program and agencies can also customize the entire application with their own branding, content, booking engines and information.