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Bermuda launches private jet service

FlyFirstClass - the US corporation planning to operate Transatlantic services from the UK later this year - has announced the establishment of a new Private Jet Service with aircraft positioned in Bermuda and on the eastern seaboard of the USA.Operating a mixed fleet of 14 corporate jet aircraft, the new service will allow executives to enjoy ‘on demand’ private jet services between the major financial centres of Bermuda, New York City, Connecticut, Washington D.C., the Cayman Islands and any other destination.

The largest aircraft are eleven passenger Gulfstreams or Challenger jets having cruise speeds of around 500 MPH and ranges in excess of 3000 miles. The mid-size aircraft is the Raytheon Hawker 800 series with eight passenger seats, private lavatory and stand up cabin. Lear 35 aircraft are also available.

Robert Masson, President said, “Private Jet travel is often thought of as wildly expensive and extravagant. We disagree. Private jet travel is becoming more and more affordable. When you consider the amount of time and aggravation associated with commercial air travel, there are many savings other than financial to consider when travelling by private jet