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Hyatt and Cranium team up on games

Hyatt Resorts has launched the newest addition to its portfolio of family-friendly offerings with an exclusive partnership with Cranium, Inc.,Together, Hyatt and Cranium are partnering to offer Hyatt guests full access to a Cranium Game Library plus the time to play together during “Fun Family Hour” at Hyatt’s 18 resort properties in the continental U.S., Hawaii and the Caribbean.

Cranium games also will be available for advanced purchase through the new HyattE-Concierge, a service that allows families to plan vacation itinerariesweeks in advance of their stay. Additionally, families will be greeted witha signature Cranium welcome gift throughout the summer months.

The Cranium partnership complements Hyatt Resorts’ already established menuof family-friendly amenities such as extraordinarily designed pools, CampHyatt and action-packed activities indigenous to each resort area. In anincreasingly digital age, this partnership emphasizes opportunities forfamilies to take the time to unplug, unwind and engage in fun together.

“At every Hyatt Resort families can participate in creative, fun andculturally relevant activities such as etching silver jewelry with the HopiTribe at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa or surfing lessons inHyatt Regency Huntington Beach,” explains Jeff Flater, assistant vicepresident, Hyatt Resort Marketing. “Cranium’s emphasis on laughter andtogetherness blends well with Hyatt Resorts goal of encouraging familyinteraction on vacation.”

The Cranium program will be available at all Hyatt Resort propertiesstarting this summer and will include:


—Cranium Game Library—Hyatt and Cranium are taking family fun to a newlevel with an extensive Cranium Game Library. Created with offerings forvisitors of every age, including Cranium favorites like CraniumHullabaloo(TM) and Cranium Zigity(TM), guests can order complimentary gamesthrough the concierge to play poolside after a dip, in their suite beforebed or while lounging with the family at the Regency Club. Cranium GameLibrary to include:

—Games On-Demand—Hyatt E-Concierge allows guests to pre-arrangeactivities and make special requests prior to their stay. Hyatt E-Conciergewill also enable families to purchase Cranium games in advance and retrieveupon check-in. Kids may engage in the planning and choose the games thatthey’d like to experience during vacation.

—Cranium Invitation to Outrageous Fun—Upon check-in, kids will receivean exclusive Cranium welcome gift—a trial pack of one of Cranium’s greatgames—the perfect teaser to get them excited about the new program andtheir vacation!

“Fun Family Hour”—Weekly fun family hours will be held at HyattResorts, where family guests can come together to meet, mingle and playCranium’s outrageously fun board games with other hotel guests(availability varies by resort).