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Caribbean Sun, Star Air talk strategy

Caribbean Sun and Star Airlines are reviewing their shared strategic business plan in an effort to fast-track long-term growth and development. As part of the review, the regional carriers have retained the services of Decision Strategies, Inc., a North American consulting company widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost providers of strategic decision and portfolio management services.

“For Caribbean Sun and Caribbean Star, these are exciting times,” said William E. “Skip” Barnette, president and CEO of the two regional carriers.

“Our strengths and competitive advantages have helped us grow rapidly into the most trusted and reliable names in Caribbean air transportation. Now, we’re studying whether the time might be right to capitalize on our success by taking our world class service to other areas of the region and beyond.”

Barnette explained that Caribbean Sun and Caribbean Star executives began working with Decision Strategies in December 2005 to develop several different strategic plans.

Each plan studies multiple route and corporate structures, aircraft deployment, technology platforms, service attributes, sales, marketing, distribution and other factors.


One plan will be selected from these multiple options to serve as a blueprint for future growth.

Decision Strategies employs an innovative and proprietary Integrated Decision Management(TM) (IDM) approach to help clients consistently make high quality decisions when faced with today’s complex business issues.

IDM(TM) is a unique blend of facilitative techniques and decision analysis methodologies developed over two decades of industry experience.

The combination of rigorous analytical techniques and powerful behavioral methodologies enable clients to avoid missing significant risks while achieving truly constructive outcomes.

“We’re very pleased to be working with the pros at Decision Strategies,” said Barnette.

“Their sound insight, analysis and consulting methodology will be of great benefit to us as we seek new ways to continue providing the best air travel service to the Caribbean people.”

Though Caribbean Sun and Caribbean Star will likely undergo some changes as a result of the new strategic development plan, one thing that will remain the same is the commitment both companies have shown to providing exceptional intra-regional air service.

“In every way, the changes we’re considering will work to better help us achieve our original mission to meet the region’s need for modern and reliable air transportation,” said Barnette.