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Discovery Airport stores on the horizon

Hudson Group has signed an agreement to open and operate Discovery Channel Airport Stores in airports across the United States and Canada.The deal has been signed with Discovery Commerce, the
retail and licensing arm of leading global real-world media company Discovery
Communications and specific airport locations will be announced in the coming weeks.
  The partnership leverages Hudson’s expertise as an airport retailer to
build awareness for Discovery’s brands and networks, and expands the reach of
Discovery’s award-winning product lines to millions of travelers who pass
through North American airports every day.
  Joseph DiDomizio, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer,
Hudson Group said: “Discovery’s programming themes have inspired a wide range
of high-quality lifestyle merchandise. Their most successful lines -
innovative products for kids, leading edge technology and gadgets, health and
wellness products, and compelling content for home entertainment - resonate
strongly with frequent travelers. Through their merchandise and brand-focused
presentation, the new airport stores will create a virtual Discovery
experience and enable our customers to conveniently obtain items suggested by
their favorite Discovery Channel programs.”
  “Hudson’s successful track record in airport retailing speaks for itself -
the company has been a driving force in changing the face of airport
concessions,” said Frank Rosales, Discovery Commerce president.  “We are
excited to partner with Hudson to help build on the success our retail
business enjoyed in 2005, and give even more consumers access to our high-
quality, award-winning products.”