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St. Kitts aims to dive

St Kitts is planning to emerge as a major contender among the world’s hottest diving destinations.With no reputation currently in place,
the island is seeking to capitalise on the abundant marine life found in its
untouched coral reefs, hot water vents, shallows and swim through caverns.

Dr. the Hon. Denzil L Douglas, Prime Minister of St Kitts & Nevis, comments:
“We believe St Kitts is the next hot dive destination, with several hundred
wrecks and untouched coral reefs, divers will truly be delighted and amazed
at what they discover here.

“Our sites provide a wide variety of dives for
both beginner and skilled divers.”

Several hundred pristine wrecks dating
back to the 17th century have been discovered in the island’s waters,
including a 1740’s English troopship at White House Bay.

In addition to
promoting the dive and tourism product, the project includes the
establishment of several marine parks.