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Tsitouras joins Boutique Hotels

The Tsitouras Collection Hotel is being awarded the five-star/luxury class Diamond Status.Tsi touras Collection Hotel is recognized for bringing luxury and exclusivity to the world renowned island of Santorini, Greece.

“Becoming a member of Boutique Hotels & Resorts International is a rewarding accomplishment for the hotel and our staff”, said Eleni Tsitoura, General Manager.  “Membership in this authentic group of genuine boutique hotels and resorts supplements The Tsitouras Collection Hotel’s rank as a premiere international boutique destination.”     

Ms. Tsitoura concluded:  “Of the globally sophisticated destinations, Tsitouras Collection Boutique Hotel attracts international visitors with exquisite style and those seeking beauty, adventure and historic art of Santorini.  Tsitouras Collection Hotel is setting the standard for a new kind of intercontinental boutique hotel.”

On Santorini, legend is almost indistinguishable from reality. And there, on the island reputed to have been the land of Atlantis, the five houses of the Tsitouras Collection are perched on a thousand-foot cliff overlooking one of the most spectacular views in the Mediterranean.

The mansion that forms the nucleus of the Tsitouras Collection Hotel was built in 1780.  Over the centuries, it has served as a school, post office, private home, and now an exclusive hotel.  It was renovated in 1985 by the famous collector Dimitris Tsitouras,  with a separate theme and name for each room, all demonstrating his personal style and respect for the Greek tradition and the needs of modern travellers alike. In addition, there is the luxurious TC Villa with 2 bedrooms and one studio, boasting its own swimming pool overlooking the sea and every amenity expected of an international 5 star Boutique hotel.  More