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JAL plans domestic expansion

Japan Airlines
has filed new domestic route schedules including new
and expanded routes for April 2006 with the Japanese Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport.JAL will operate more aircraft fitted with class J seats on business travel routes, such as Haneda-Osaka (Itami) and
Tokyo-*censored*uoka and will remodel aircraft to provide more class J seats, which have proved very popular with
Class J is JAL’s domestic business class and uses a seat specially designed for the JAL Group by GK Industrial
Design Company of Japan, designers of JAL’s award-winning international business class “Shell Flat Seat’‘.
It features 95 cm seat pitch (regular economy seat pitch is 79 cm); seat width is 47 cm (regular domestic economy
domestic economy seat width 44 cm) and the armrest width is 18 cm (regular 6 cm).
The basis of the schedules filed is to make better use of Haneda slots and to strengthen the domestic network, not
only at Haneda but also at regional airports.
At Haneda, the focus of the new schedule is to increase flights to cities in Shikoku, the fourth largest of Japan’s
four main islands, and Kyushu.
JAL also plans to operate larger aircraft on routes to and from Chubu International Airport, and increase flights on
some other routes, such as from Kansai International.