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Roadpost targets sports travel fans

iPost is recruiting Roadtrips, “The Ultimate in Sports Travel” to better target its email marketing
campaigns with strategic segmentation. Roadtrips, through its work with iPost, has been able to create personalized
mailings to focus on different customer groups and interests. 
Roadtrips offers first-class travel packages to almost every major sporting event and game including the NFL Alumni Super Bowl events.
addition, Roadtrips offers non-sports travel packages, including the Exclusive Awards program,
featuring Macy’s shopping trips, and Porsche Driving Experience, where travelers can drive one
of the famous luxury sports cars while on vacation.

Before working with iPost, Roadtrips did email campaign delivery, bounce reports and related
activities internally, and sent mail to only one general consumer group. “iPost greatly increased
our functionality and took care of the administrative side of things. So we were then able to send
to both consumers and corporate buyers, which make up 50 percent of our business and bring us
the bulk of our revenue. The more we worked with iPost, the more we were able to subset our
lists to special interest groups, including specific sport fans, travel agents and more,” said
Roadtrips’ Vice President of Marketing Jeff Wills.

Jeff continued, “iPost also enabled us to incorporate a newsletter sign-up link with our free
catalog, and to integrate our customer mailings with the Roadtrips website.”

“Roadtrips has great, diverse
product offerings. We are pleased to help educate sports and travel fans about the unique and
exciting Roadtrips adventures that will appeal specifically to their interests,” said Steve
Webster, CEO of iPost.