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Travelocity highlights repeat business

annual forecasting poll uncovers travel patterns and predictions of consumer behavior for 2006, revealing that Americans are true creatures of habitThe survey conducted in December 2005 found that more than 60 percent of respondents take at least one annual vacation, and the majority of those travelers (60 percent) go to the exact same spot year after year, despite the variety of choices travelers have today.
Nearly half of these annual travelers still take trips with family every single year, often traveling great distances to come together. In fact, of the travelers who commit to an annual trip, at least 77 percent venture 200 miles or more from home; 18 percent travel to international destinations. The company’s study of more than 2,800 travelers also found that intentions to travel internationally are on the rise as a whole for 2006.

“Despite trend-setting travelers spreading the word about exotic destinations around the world, many people still choose to visit the same destination year after year,” said Amy Ziff, Travelocity’s editor at large who conducted the survey. “Even still, international travel is on the rise, with the Caribbean and Europe leading the way for 2006.”