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Lasák named CSA President

Radom’r Lasák will become the new president and chairman of the board of Czech Airlines. Lasák has been appointed into these positions by the company’s board of directors and the supervisory board.

Radom’r Lasák is a top Czech business executive who has experience with the successful transformation and restructuring of corporations.

He was a member of the crisis management team that successfully laid out and executed the privatization of Komerni Banka over a period of 18 months.

He was the head of the eBanka team that managed to transform an electronic bank into a bank that learned how to sell its products and services as a standard banking institution within a 2-year period.

He was a member of the board of directors of SEZ, which successfully launched and implemented the “VIZE 2008” project - a project for the integration of regional power distribution companies - considered to be a unique one in the Czech Republic.


Here, in the course of only one year, he and his team managed to create and implement a new personnel policy strategy and a project for the professional management of the entire group, which included a string of new foreign acquisitions.

He looks on his new position as yet another challenge in which he plans to succeed along with the entire CSA team.

“We have a unique opportunity to transform CSA into a strong, fully functional and profitable company, which is led by a Czech (or largely Czech) management team, and a company which will have the strength so that in the future, everyone will be able to benefit from the preserving of the CSA name,” said Radom’r Lasák.

And he added, “Our task is to make sure that CSA can stand up to the competition and that the airline has a sound strategy to pursue - making sure that the company generates profits for its owners, provides a positive and secure working environment for its employees and meets any competitive threats. Should the owner ever decide to privatize the company, our job is to make sure that such a move turns out to be affirming and effective in all its aspects.”

Radom’r Lasák began his professional career in òst’ nad Labem at the “Spolek pro Chemickou a Hutn’ V_robu” company, which he left in 1991 when he went to work for Komerni Banka.

There, he held a number of sales and management positions until the year 2000, when he became a member of the bank’s board of directors with responsibility for its retail operations and sales.

From 2002 to 2004, he was the general manager of eBanka; and, for the past fifteen months, he has been a member of the board of directors of SEZ, being responsible for the overall management of the SEZ Group. 

Radom’r Lasák attended the Prague School of Economics and later got his MBA from the Prague International Business School.

He is 40 years of age, married with two sons. His hobbies include travel and sports and he was a member of a premier league volleyball team from 1986 to1988.