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SITA Group looks for consolidation

The SITA Boards have unanimously endorsed the plan to consolidate SITA SC and SITA INC into a single SITA organisation.Subject to the AGM in June approving the necessary article
changes, and related transactions, SITA will become a single organisation from July
2006, uniquely positioned to offer integrated communications services and IT
solutions across the entire Air Transport Industry.

Paul Coby, Chairman of the Boards of SITA SC and the SITA Group Foundation, said:
“The Boards took the view that by consolidating the companies into a “Single SITA”,
we would strengthen our existing businesses and be better positioned to provide our
wide range of complementary telecommunications and IT products and services to the
Air Transport Industry (ATI). The integration of the communications services
business (SITA SC) and the IT systems, solutions and services business (SITA INC)
with the Group Services into a single organisation, will make it much easier for our
customers to do business with SITA.  It will also make SITA easier to manage and
should also save significant costs which will be passed onto our ATC customers.”

SITA’s Group Board is today composed of large customers and regional representatives
of the Air Transport Industry. Coby emphasized that “...SITA’s unique closeness to
its customers, who are also our shareholders and who sit on or are represented on
SITA’s Boards, enables us to remain closely aligned with the air transport
industry’s needs and with changing business requirements.”

He continued,  “The new SITA structure is designed to meet the clearly expressed
desire of SITA’s customers for SITA to act as a single entity offering more closely
integrated products and services in a simpler and more cost effective way.”

Paying tribute to the contribution of the current Executive Management, Coby said:
“SITA is able to create a single organisation now because of the achievement and
vision of the current SITA leadership - Peter Buecking, Hans-Peter Kohlhammer and
Francesco Violante, and SITA’s entire management and staff.  Over the past two and a
half years they have together created strong, successful businesses that shall
become even stronger in the new proposed unified structure.”