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US Airways seals AFA deal

US Airways
has reached a transition agreement with the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, which represents the airline’s 11,000 flight attendants. The Transition Agreement will govern many merger-related aspects of the parties’ relationship until there is a single collective bargaining agreement covering all flight attendants.

The transition agreement includes protection of jobs for current active flight attendants on the airline’s West and East networks; standards and procedures related to integration of the two flight attendant seniority lists; a framework for negotiation of a single collective bargaining agreement covering the two flight attendant groups; procedures for offering current US Airways furloughed flight attendants job opportunities; and participation by both flight attendant groups in a profit-sharing plan.

“We’ve reached yet another important milestone in our integration, and we commend both AFA Master Executive Councils for reaching an agreement,” said US Airways President and CEO Doug Parker.

He added, “I’m extremely proud of the continued cooperative spirit exhibited by our employees as we work to establish a foundation of trust that contributes to our successful integration.”