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VoIP targets business market

Cell Wireless Corporation will launch its new mobile Wi-Fi Cell VoIP phone in the first quarter of 2006, aimed at the business traveller.
The new mobile Wi-Fi Cell VoIP phone will allow customers to use the Cell Wireless state-of-the-art VoIP software and telephony technology when they connect to any public internet “Hot Spot” such as airports, hotels, coffee shops and more. As long as there is an internet wireless connection available, the cell phone can also be used as a home or office VoIP phone without the hassle of using a headset.
Sheraton Hotels and Yahoo have announced that Sheraton Hotels will be offering free Yahoo sponsored internet access at lobby computers. The Wi-Fi and Broadband internet service can also be accessed without charge from the hotel guest rooms.
John Bohringer, CEO of Cell Wireless Corporation, said, “This exciting development allows members to call each other using a mobile Wi-Fi Cell VoIP phone—free of charge. It will also include free VoIP conference calls and free VoIP chat rooms. Our existing 153,000 members will benefit greatly from this new phone and it will dramatically increase new memberships and profit. As cities like New York, San Francisco and Philadelphia cover their cities with wireless internet access there will be a boom in mobile Wi-Fi Cell VoIP phone usage.”