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BAA uses Vignette web products

British Airport Authority (BAA) is re-developing its Web infrastructure with Vignette(R) V7 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions.Vignette V7 was selected by BAA to improve the management and quality of its online communications, and develop a single framework to underpin all internal and external Web properties.

The site has been re-launched with a distinct, consistent brand identity, which enables non-technical staff to update the Web site in real-time.

In addition, it also provides new levels of information for passengers, and increased corporate governance.

The public Web site delivers customers with significantly enhanced search and navigation features, to increase usability.

Following extensive evaluation, BAA selected Vignette V7 for its complete portfolio of integrated content management, portal and collaboration software, and for the ease of development of new content.


The site will can now be accessed and updated by over 100 employees in BAA’s head office. BAA will evaluate Vignette V7 records and document management, to enhance centrally stored information.

“By using Vignette V7 we’re able to efficiently, source, organize and deliver up-to-date information to BAA’s key stakeholders in a manageable, timely fashion,” said Tim Matthews, technology services manager at BAA.

“The re-developed site will build a single framework from which we can access all internal and external internet sites, ensuring not just a consistent identity for BAA, but content that can simply and effectively be updated to reflect our business.”

BAA worked with Diagonal Consulting to implement Vignette V7 to achieve the following objectives for the newly re-designed Web site:

—Improve efficiencies and enhance customer service

—Efficiently share corporate information among its 12,000 employees

—Improve the quality of real-time information available to passengers

—Enhance communications between its retailers and business partners.

—Ability to deliver real-time information to all stakeholders as required

The new internal BAA enterprise portal provides a single interface to deliver corporate news such as share prices, crisis communications and job vacancies—enhancing communication flow throughout the organization.

Information will be easily accessible at over 90 plasma screens and through kiosks across the airport.

The enterprise portal will also provide desk-based employees with a single corporate dashboard, consolidating information from a range of applications, which delivers immediate one-stop access to personalized job-related information, corporate news and mail.

The re-development will also allow BAA to work more closely with its community of business partners and retailers in airports, sharing relevant corporate information and collaborating on joint initiatives.

“BAA had a specific business objective in that it needed to become more accessible to consumers,” said Chuck Neal, senior vice president of worldwide sales and distribution at Vignette.

“By collaborating with Vignette V7, BAA now has a scalable platform on which to develop its online initiative. We are delighted that BAA is benefiting from Vignette V7’s integration of content management, portal and collaboration, software that will improve internal and external information.”