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Ex in the city website launch

Women who are looking to re-create their lives after a divorce or breakup are being targetted by a new website—EX in the City.The Website features links to solo travel sites, books, reader stories, community chat forum and even a section called sEXy EX for women rediscovering their sensuous side.

EX-Rated City Guides ( is a new section just launched on the site. Offering mini guides to destinations around the world from Singapore to Nashville, the guides are written by authors from around the world, and provide ideas for women to go as they move through the “stages of EX”.

These stages include EXile, Express, Exorcise, Explore and Exhale and “EX” Rated places to go are suggested to suit every mood. The EX-Rated guides offer cafes, gardens, museums, hotels, clubs and spas provide a fun way for woman’s transition from EX to extraordinary.

In case you are wondering, they are EX-Rated, not X-Rated and definitely not dating or singles guides. There are over 20 worldwide EX-Rated City Guides, including Singapore, Portland, New York, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Montreal, Bodrum, Dallas, Cairo, Pondicherry, Penang and Nashville to mention just a few.

EX-Rated City Guides suggest places a woman can go to enjoy being an EX on the fabulous and exciting road to EXtraordinary&#126 Some examples from the site


EXile in Houston - Believe it or not, you can find a quiet spot in this city that is always on the go. In fact, just inside the 610 Loop is the Houston Arboretum, a beautiful 155-acre natural preserve and one of the city’s best-kept secrets.

While you are in EXile, you can escape down one of the many wooded trails, and have nothing to disturb your contemplation. Or, sit back, relax and enjoy the vibrant colors of the hummingbird and butterfly garden.

EXpress in Indianapolis -Feeling powerless? You might want to take a class with Impact of Indianapolis. The group is affiliated with Model Mugging, a specialized women’s self-defense program, and focuses on empowering women in an emotionally safe environment.

EXorcise in Las Vegas ...How about going for a nice drive…at 135 mph around one of the world’s great super speedways? At the Mario Andretti Racing School, you can suit up, buckle down and drive a real 600hp, Indy-style race car for six heart-pounding laps around the Las Vegas Speedway track. Or ride along as a passenger in an instructor car.

EXplore in New York - Alice’s Tea Cup is the perfect place to EXplore the world through tea. You can choose from over 100 global varieties. Go by yourself and enjoy the whimsical paintings and décor or share some scones and cakes with a girlfriend or two.

EXhale in Amsterdam -Let your worries drift away when you go float in a warm bath saturated with Epsom salts at Ambassade Hotel’s Koan Float. In an enclosed tank, you can choose for soft lighting and music or float in darkness and silence. It is the ultimate relaxation and a great way to exhale.