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Website personalizes hotel searches, online hotel search engine, reports that they now are personalizing hotel pages for their clientele. started providing this service in the fall of 2005.

Providing hotel searches for attractions such as the Mall Of America, has been less profitable in recent days due to increasing competition.

In order to provide the customer with the best possible service, has decided to personalize web pages to the point of creating individual pages upon request.

“Providing web pages for people having large events such as weddings and birthday parties, we are giving the customer a more personalized service which they cannot get anywhere else,” states Michael Manning, owner of

“We do have a limited budget in comparison with the big 3 in online travel. Therefore, it was about time we provided something that people cannot find anywhere else on the internet. If you would like us to create a hotel search page for you, simply contact us by email.”


In side-by-side comparisons, hotel rates on these personalized pages are as competitive as any of the other online hotel portals.

For that reason alone, a switch to a more personalized page may prove to be a winning combination that sets them apart from others. currently proves searches for hotels through zip code searches and addresses from their home page, but with the new personalized search, they hope to gain back some ground in the ultra competitive field of online travel.