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KDS Corporate adds airline flexibility

KDS Corporate is giving access to airlines one-way fare, thus allowing corporate customers to reduce overall ticket prices.
Caption, Yves Weisselberger, CEO, KDSThis recent fare policy enables travelers to purchase a one-way ticket at 50 percent of the cost of a return trip fare on certain flights. For self-booking tools, searching and displaying these fares requires pulling information from numerous sources and running complex algorithms to display available flights for a requested route and time. This is what KDS Corporate does.

“Soon after BA introduced this type of fares, we understood that large corporations would require the use of such fares. The flexible design of our booking process allowed us to meet our customers’ demand in a timely manner. Today we are going a step further with the Fare Expert component of the KDS fare engine, we significantly enhanced Combi-Fare shopping to take into account SAS fares among many others” said Fred-Jan Loembe KDS Product Marketing Manager.

Travelers using KDS Corporate book their trips in two steps, first selecting their departure, then their return.

“This two-step booking process is the most intuitive and user-friendly one. We are among the first to actually provide our clients with the possibility to chose between train, low-cost and traditional airlines, and now with one-way fares we give travel managers the possibility to list even more choices. The simplicity and ergonomics of our booking screens are definitely a plus for KDS users,” added Loembe.

Faced with constantly changing airline fares and rules, and with often-incomplete fare information in GDSs, both corporate and travel Management Companies have struggled to find suitable fares and availability information.