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Australia gets healthy hotel guide

After becoming sick after a stay in an unsanitised hotel bed, the now founder of Health Protect International decided to do something about the problem.Have you ever stayed in a hotel and wondered, who’d been in the bed before you? And How did you know if was clean?

In a recent survey, Prof. Chuck Gerba of the University of Arizona, concluded cleanliness and safety are amongst guests top two concerns in with 9 out of 10 people interviewed, saying they choose hotels who follow more stringent cleaning standards.

Health Protect International has met this need, with the Inception of the Healthy Hotels Guide. To qualify, hotels must comply with the stringent mattres cleaning standards set by HPI.

Guests enjoy peace of mind, knowing their mattress has been cleaned with the HPI four stage process, which extracts, treats and protects the surface and inner layers of the mattress. An Australian company, HPI has the exclusive rights to Safety First Systems, which are unique because they achieve clean safe mattresses, without the use of moisture.

The Online Healthy Hotels Guide will be released in June 2006, covering Australia’s cleanest locations. An Australiawide media campaign will accompany the release, providing exclusive exposure for the certified hotels listed and a powerful health message for Australian travellers and home owners.


To date, Australians have been subject to one of the highest rates of Asthma in the world. Costing taxpayers $760 million a year with around 800 related deaths.

Through it’s expanding licensee network and education of the Australian population, Health Protect International aims to reduce these statistics and revolutionise the travel industry, by providing effective,dry mattress cleaning, with the HPI four stage process.
It’s a big task, but one that HPI directors see as a massive opportunity.

As a pioneering Australian company, HPI is excited to raise mattress cleaning to a new standard around the world.