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Group travel site adds virtual tours

Groople is entering a partnership with VRX in a bid to enhance the user experience and better represent suppliers with virtual tours. users now have access to VRX’s 360 degree virtual tours, still images, descriptions and interactive maps for hotels, cruise ships and destinations throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii and the Continental U.S.

“By working with VRX, we’re not only helping our suppliers better represent their products, but we’re also providing our customers with images that help them further explore their ideal venue from the comfort of their own home,” said David Loy, President and Founder of Groople. 

VRX’s Hotel and Cruise Content makes it possible for travel intermediaries, such as Groople, to provide their customers with a consistent, high quality, in-depth view of hotels and cruise ships. Combined with VRX’s Destination Content, consumers are now able to virtually explore the natural and man-made wonders of each destination as well as thoroughly review and compare their venue options.

“As Groople continues to set the standard for online group travel bookings, we’re excited to provide them with content for both their website and their partners’ sites including Travelocity, BiZBash and many others,” stated David MacLaren, President and CEO of VRX. “We believe we can contribute to Groople’s success by providing their clients with the content necessary to quickly and successfully research and compare the travel options in the top vacation destinations throughout the Caribbean, Mexico and the U.S.”