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Amadeus appeals to low cost carriers

Amadeus has introduced the new Amadeus Pioneer Customer Management Solution (CMS) designed to help low cost carriers seeking growth.
Norwegian Air Shuttle will become the first carrier to implement the new IT platform and will start using Amadeus Pioneer CMS in the first quarter of 2006.

“To keep pace with their growing business, low cost carriers will need more IT functionality than provided with their current systems,” said Jesper Söderstrom, Head of Low Cost Carrier Business Unit at Amadeus. “Pioneer CMS’ rich functionality, scalable design and modular approach makes it specifically suited to low cost carriers that are expecting an aggressive growth and are seeking to exploit new business models.”

Hans-Petter Aanby, CIO, Norwegian Air Shuttle, said, “Amadeus has demonstrated Pioneer CMS to be an advanced, robust platform with a high degree of adaptability that will provide Norwegian Air Shuttle with a clear upgrade and development path to meet future needs.” He added, “Our collaboration with Amadeus will deliver advanced IT solutions for customer management, improve our distribution capabilities and lower costs, supporting our vigorous growth strategy.”

Amadeus Pioneer CMS, which uses Unix and Linux technology, will allow Norwegian Air Shuttle to increase its revenue and yield, target new customer types and markets and support cooperation with other carriers through partnerships and code share.

“Amadeus Pioneer CMS will grow with the airlines and continue to support their expansion into new markets,” added Söderstrom. “We are confident that Norwegian Air Shuttle will immediately reap the benefits of Amadeus Pioneer CMS.”