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St. Kitts Features on T4

There is an unusual competition taking place on St. Kitts. Ten vivacious, beautiful, talented, high-spirited and confident young UK nationals, are vying to change their lives forever.The St. Kitts Tourism Authority, in collaboration with the UK’s T4 show on Channel 4, have partnered to find the UK’s next top television(TV) presenters. The “Me 4 T4” presenter search competition, invited viewers to submit tapes of themselves presenting. Fifteen hundred entries were received from all over the UK. The ten lucky finalists hail from: Birmingham, Ireland, London, Manchester, Scotland, Surrey, Wales and Yorkshire.

The participants have been flown to St. Kitts for a week, to embark on the final leg of their journey, in becoming ‘presentstars’ on Channel 4’s T4 show. Accompanied by well known T4 personalities, Stephen Jones and Miquita Oliver, the hopefuls will undergo a series of tests, while on the island. All this will be filmed and broadcasted in the UK, from August 29th to September 2nd, 2005. It will be the duty of the viewing public there, to vote for two winners.

Corporate Communications Manager, Unoma Allen, says: “this is an extraordinary opportunity for the island to be marketed to millions of viewers in the UK. For five days, viewers from Birmingham, Ireland, London, Manchester, Scotland, Surrey, Wales and Yorkshire, as well as other parts the country, will tune in and vote for their favourite entrant. In doing so, they will see how beautiful St. Kitts is and consider the island as their next holiday destination”.