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Jamaica Through Hon. P. J. Patterson’s Eyes

Ever wondered what it may be like to see Jamaica through Hon. P. J. Patterson’s eyes? Now the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) has teamed up
with Peter Greenberg and the Travel Channel to reveal a unique Jamaica to the world. The excursion is a personal journey around the island, seen through the eyes of
Prime Minister P.J. Patterson. The result is Jamaica: The Ultimate Tour, a program
that provides an inspiring perspective of the cultural diversity and adventurous
opportunities throughout the island. The show is scheduled to air at 10:00 p.m.
(EST) on Thursday, September 15 on the Travel Channel.

“Jamaica: The Ultimate Tour”, is a solid addition to the JTB’s marketing
initiative: “Once You Go, You Know.” This initiative was designed to draw
attention to the unique experiences and cultural elements in Jamaica, known only to
those who venture beyond the sun, sand and sea. It emphasizes the island’s rich
diversity and unveils undiscovered cultural nuances. The show is the next
installment in a special series produced by Peter Greenberg, previously known as
The Royal Tour, a show that reveals destinations around the globe through the eyes
of the particular Head of State.

The show has inspired the creation of the Ultimate Tour of Jamaica - a vacation
package for travelers who wish to share this unique experience.  The package was
developed by Unique Jamaica, a local tour operator that has established a series of
itineraries that follow the path of the Prime Minister and Greenberg, incorporating
various activities they engaged in throughout their journey across Jamaica.