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Pelican Systems Launches New Call Centre

Pelican System has released a new Call Center Reservation System

Pelican Call Center System allows hotels to cross-sell within hotel groups.

Through Call Center, a hotel will be able to check availability among all hotel members within a group hotel chain, and make reservations on behalf of a guest. All integrated information will be available for call center reservation staff to answer phone reservations: rates, availability, and package availability to guest reservation history.

Any repeat guest will be recognized by the System, and all necessary remarks (such as guest drink preference or room view preference) will be prominently displayed.

“Pelican System is fully aware of the necessity to provide the best leading-edge technology. Our continuous improvement, as launched in Version 2.5, includes a Call Center which can accommodate room demand, particularly during high seasons, across all hotel members. Much traditionally lost business can now be captured from cross-selling. This development is favorable mostly for hotel groups, as every member can work hand-in-hand in capturing room demand” observed Mr Liman H., director of Pelican System.


“The Call Center can also accommodate phone reservations from travel agents and corporate clients. Integrated accordingly, a Call Center agent will view negotiated contract rates and allotments assigned to particular agents or corporate customers. This development is very user-friendly, and does not require heavy training, as it is fully-integrated with our existing reservation system”.