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Wayport Surpasses 10,000 Hotspots

Wayport has enabled Wi-Fi wired and wireless service at more than 10,000 strategic locations worldwide and has surpassed 12 million customer connections on its direct managed network to date.
Wayport has directly enabled more than 6,000 strategic locations including hotels, McDonald’s restaurants (5,100+), IHOPs, Hertz airport rental locations and airports.  Moreover, Wayport has indirectly enabled another 4,000 strategic locations nationwide at additional retail brands through managed service agreements. Combined, the company has deployed more than 10,000 locations in total with 7,000 being deployed over the last twelve months alone. Wayport’s run rate has been approximately 100-150 new Wi-Fi hot spots per week over the past twelve months.

Wayport has also recorded more than 12 million customer connections made on its directly managed network to date. The 12 million mark represents steady growth with an increase of 94% year over year based on year ending June, 05 vs. year ending June, 04 and a 84% increase quarter over quarter based on the quarter ending June, 05 vs. the quarter ending June, 04. Another major milestone reached by the company for the first time was connections on the network surpassing the 2.2 million mark made through Wayport’s directly managed network in a single quarter (April to June 2005).

Wayport also saw the number of customers visiting increase substantially, with hundreds of thousands of total venue searches logged as more and more business travelers seek out Wayport enabled locations when going mobile. Customers can make hotel reservations directly from Wayport’s partner location web links or plan their travel routes so that they can stay and connect using a single consistent network across the country.

“Wayport continues to lead the industry in enabling strategic venues around the world and supporting both public Wi-Fi access and private-side applications,” said Dave Vucina, CEO of Wayport. “Our tremendous growth of the number of locations and customer connections throughout our network proves that Wi-Fi has gone mainstream and that our venues and customers we serve are seeing tremendous productivity gains and value from Wayport service.