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BTN Update: Police Hunt for Bombers

Police are hunting for four would-be suicide bombers who tried to set off four explosive devices on three London Tube trains and a bus.
Bombs went off yesterday midday, at Warren Street station, central London, Shepherd’s Bush station in the west, Oval in the south and on a bus in Shoreditch, east London. No-one was injured badly.

The bombs are believed to have been carried in rucksacks.
Three of the devices are very similar to those used for the London bombings two weeks ago. The same chemicals also appear to have been used.

It has been suggested that the detonators went off, causing small blasts, but failed to detonate the bombs themselves.

Two men who were arrested have been released without charge.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair said at a press conference:
“Clearly the intention must have been to kill. You don’t do this with any other intention,”