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NEWS JUST IN: Grenada Feels the Force of Emily

By Ben Kilbey

Grenada has once again been affected by the curse of the hurricane. Emily, who was making a bee-line for Barbados but veered off at the last, has caused some 2500 individuals to head for shelters. There are reports coming in that roofs have been torn from homes.
Grenada is still picking herself up from the might of Ivan and Emily is simply salt in an already open wound. It is believed that at her present rate and course Emily could hit Mexico by Monday.

Speaking to the BBC a Grenadian disaster official said there were no reported casualties but that there was ‘significant damage’ to houses.

Speaking to the Associated Press news agency weather forecaster Trisha Wallace said;

“They (Grenada) took a major portion of the brunt of the storm.”


Our preys are with Grenada and her people