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Virgin Atlantic Live 8 Flight Takes off to Edinburgh

Virgin Atlantic will today fly the key organisers of The Long Walk to Justice, Live 8, Make Poverty History and the One Campaign in America on a special flight to Edinburgh.  Over 150 people flew over from New York last night to join a similar number from the UK, Asia, Africa and Latin America on today’s special flight from Heathrow to Edinburgh. Also onboard were a number of celebrities who have been vocal in their support for the campaign.
Bob Geldof met the passengers before the plane departed for Edinburgh and saw the plane off at Heathrow Airport. He commented: “This is amazing, the world is truly on the move in support of those who can barely crawl. Thanks to Richard and Virgin for making this happen and playing their part in the Long Walk to Justice.”

Sir Richard Branson, chairman of Virgin Atlantic, who was on both flights, said: “Everyone at Virgin Atlantic is delighted to have been able to help with this historic event.  We are especially proud to have been able to fly to Edinburgh and to give support to the campaigners who have supported this crucial campaign tirelessly from the outset.”

Natalie Imbruglia, who is traveling to Edinburgh on the special flight, said: “It’s great to be on board.  Hopefully the G8 leaders will do the right thing.  I’m here to show my support for the Make Poverty History Campaign.”
Richard explained how he and Virgin Atlantic got involved:

“Bob called a couple of weeks ago to see if there was anything I could do to assist The Long Walk to Justice and I felt the most practical way I could help was to provide the organisers of Live8, Make Poverty History, the One Campaign in America and their supporters flights from New York and a special Virgin Atlantic/Live8 flight to Edinburgh - the VS888. 

“We have also brought over charity workers from Africa who work for grassroots charities such as Women on the Move, LoveLife and CIDA, as well as campaigners from as far a field as Afghanistan, Brazil, Nicaragua and Kenya (to name just a few of the countries represented on board).  We felt it was important that they get to lend their voices in Edinburgh and that they also get to hear hundreds of thousands of other voices coming together to make the world aware of their plight.”