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Jack Nicklaus to Redesign Montecito

Ty Warner Hotels and
has confirmed they have executed an agreement with renowned golfer
and golf course designer Jack Nicklaus to create a “Signature Course” at
the Montecito Country Club. The selection was made after Ty Warner and his
team interviewed several esteemed golf design firms and traveled the
country evaluating the nation’s leading courses. According to Greg Rice, representative for Ty Warner Hotels and Resorts,
Jack Nicklaus was chosen in large part based on his understanding of Ty
Warner’s vision to make the Montecito Country Club one of the most
prestigious courses on the West Coast, while maintaining the charm and the
casual familiarity that club members and guests enjoy today.

“There is a unique juxtaposition of old world grandeur and a relaxed
family feel at the Montecito Country Club,” stated Greg Rice. “We wanted
to make sure the course reflected a similar blend in a design that would
be flexible enough to be enjoyed by the leisure golfer yet challenging for
the more advanced golfer. We felt that Jack Nicklaus best understands this
philosophy, and is the most capable of carrying it out.”

“The club has a lot of history behind it,” said Jack Nicklaus, explaining
that the vision is to elevate the quality of the course so that it is “at
par” with the dramatic chapel-like clubhouse. “Our goal is to simply
enhance the future of the club from a golf perspective. This is going to
be a really nice golf course, and an outstanding opportunity I am very
excited about. I hope the membership shares in my excitement,” Nicklaus

Not only does the Montecito Country Club’s 90-year history lend to the
beauty of the course, the club’s hilltop location and ocean backdrop makes
it one of the most spectacular golf settings in California—elements
that will also play a significant role in Nicklaus’ design. “With the
views and the abundance of old cypress trees throughout, the site is very
reflective of you might think of and enjoy in a traditional Coastal
California golf course,” said Nicklaus. “We have the opportunity and
potential, given the property we’ve been handed, to create a very
outstanding golf course that I think the membership will enjoy playing
over and over again. Are we going to create a championship golf course
that you could hold the U.S. Open on? No, but that is not our goal or
desire. Our goal is to create a very fine golf course for the membership
to enjoy and have fun with for many years to come.”

Upon purchasing the Montecito Country Club in August 2004, Ty Warner
sought out ideas and feedback from the club’s 600 members, with two
different studies geared to gain a better understanding of their
sentiments toward the course and facilities. Since them, Ty Warner Hotels
and Resorts has received more than 500 responses from the membership on
how to improve the course. This response was a key factor in the decision
to renovate the course and look towards Jack Nicklaus’ expertise.


“The members here have no lack of affection for their club,” says John
Reagan, General Manager of the Montecito Country Club. “Yet, they still
recognize the tremendous potential that exists to improve and enhance the
golf experience. Ty Warner and Jack Nicklaus each share a tremendous track
record of quality design and attention. There is a great buzz of
anticipation for what the two of them together will be able to accomplish
with the Montecito Country Club Golf Course,” Reagan added.

Once the design is complete and entitlements are earned on the golf course
plan, it is anticipated that the renovation of the course will take
approximately 10-12 months.