Breaking Travel News Adds Low Cost Carriers has integrated low cost carrier’s air fares into the Dynamic Packaging feature contained in their Internet Booking Engine (IBE) which is available in 17 languages. Driven by customer need and market demand, the company now supports this highly valuable travel option that is both profitable for travel agencies and very helpful to their customers. As a rule, customers desiring low cost carrier air fares are extremely price sensitive. Combining these low cost carrier fares with’s Dynamic Packaging function satisfies customers’ expectations for efficient access to inexpensive travel products.
Access to these low cost carrier airfares, is provided via a configuration option through a special Internet Booking Engine administrative tool used by travel agencies. Once this simple configuration option is accomplished, travel agencies can offer these fares to their customers using’s IBE.
An added value for the travel agency is that, when low cost carrier fares are booked by their customers, the agency’s fulfillment costs are reduced, or eliminated altogether. The travel agency collects a service fee from the traveler and the low cost carrier deals with fulfillment and required follow-up. Affiliate and portal sites of can also opt to add this new feature to their branded travel site.
Low cost carriers enjoy an ever-growing share of bookings made over the Internet and travel agencies using’s IBE can now profit from this flexible and budget conscious travel solution.