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Chillisauce Adopts IP Telephony

Chillisauce, the short break, group activity and
adventure specialist, based in central London’s Carnaby Street has installed an IP
based telephony solution from Swyx to improve response handling, reduce costs and
meet the needs of the company’s fast expanding customer base.Established in 2001, Chillisauce has tripled its turnover every year and has needed
to move offices several times during this period. The company therefore recognised
they needed to embrace the latest communications technologies that could not only
offer fast and efficient call handling, but had the flexibility to be ‘moved’ across
to new premises in the future.

Commenting on the selection of Swyx, Commercial Director at Chillisauce, Will
Bicknell said, “After reviewing a range of IP products, we chose the Swyx system
because it offered the full suite of features the company needed for an
all-inclusive price. The simplicity of its technology also allowed the company’s
technical staff to undertake much of its own bespoke configuration and up-grades,
delivering considerable savings and operational flexibility”.

The new system allows Chillisauce to put new members of staff ‘on-line’ with voice
and data connections in minutes and also enables them to programme the system so
that the various telephone numbers used in the company’s marketing campaigns are
routed to the correct department, and over- flow calls defaulted to other extensions
according to pre-set rules.

In addition, Swyx’s in-built call recording function has helped to resolve customer
and supplier disputes, and therefore minimised the amount of ‘good will’ payments,
which may otherwise have been made to customers who had reason to query
discrepancies in service. “This has proved an enormous benefit to our business,”
says Bicknell, “It is very important for us to be able to access what was said
because customers can sometimes have very poor memories and suppliers have the
tendency to overlook certain points of detail in our bookings”.

Swyxware is a windows software based system and Chillisauce expects to begin
integrating it with other travel CRM based systems to support its drive to offer
European destination breaks in the future.  In the short-term they also intend to
integrate it with Microsoft Outlook, which will then provide click-to-call dialling
from the Outlook address book. 


Bicknell concluded, “By using Swyx, we are not tied down by dedicated voice cabling,
hardware and expensive maintenance and support contracts.  This makes our business
extremely agile and responsive and has been a major contributor to our impressive