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Assured Launches Fixed Price Repair

The Assured Companies,
through its division known as RestAssured, is transforming the
hospitality industry with its introduction of a comprehensive fixed price
repair and maintenance program. “We are excited about our new hospitality division and we’ve already
signed with Fairmont Hotels and Columbia Hospitality,” states Mark Bucher,
founder of The Assured Companies.

“Our programs are saving businesses up to 20 percent of annual
expenditures on repair and maintenance,” states Bucher. “The programs
effectively allow our customers to flat line and reduce shareholder
liability by eliminating the financial risks associated with repairs and

The Assured Companies has successfully introduced similar fixed price
repair and maintenance programs in the restaurant industry, through its
DineAssured division, as well as to grocery stores, convenience stores
and gas stations, through its OperationsAssured division. “Restaurants
are catching on, and we have seen tremendous success through our
DineAssured division,” states Bucher. “We know there is an equal need
for our programs in other industries, which is why we launched two other
divisions, RestAssured and OperationsAssured.”

The programs offered through The Assured Companies provide customized
repair and maintenance programs where the customer calls one number for
all of their repair and maintenance needs. The programs feature an
exclusive embedded insurance component which covers the customer’s
equipment, as well as numerous additional services such as preventative
maintenance on all covered equipment, HVAC, extermination, fire
suppression, and elevators.

“Our programs not only save our customers money, but they help to
streamline operations,” states Bucher. “For a fixed monthly fee, with no
deductibles or other hidden fees, our customers receive comprehensive
coverage and no longer need to deal with the hassles frequently associated
with repair and maintenance.” He adds, “They can use their own in-house
vendors to perform the work, or our national network of certified vendors,
whichever they choose. It’s a very flexible program, which has been one of
our strong selling points.”


“We see this RestAssured division taking off much like
DineAssured has in the restaurant industry,” states Bucher. “Once
businesses understand what our programs offer and how much they will
benefit, both financially and operationally, they come on board.”