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Edelweiss Hotel Partners with Pelican

Edelweiss Hotel has recently embarked upon collaboration with Pelican’s “Hotel Distribution System” to enhance its travel agents’ productivity.
Pelican Hotel Distribution system caters to specific needs. Rather than lengthening the distribution chain, with Pelican system travel agents can now have direct access to a hotel’s room rates and allotments, when a hotel decides to grant a travel agent access and a password.

Mrs Martha Velez, Sales Manager of Edelweiss Hotel, states “Pelican system definitely facilitates our communications with agents. Not only can a reservation be arranged comprehensively, and with instant confirmation, but the agent can also save a lot of our time as rates and allotments are assigned in advance.”

The switch from a manual paper contacting protocol to online contracting brings significant revenue enhancement to a hotel. First, a hotel can be flexible in setting its room rates and allotments, whereas a travel agent can view rates, make reservations and confirm immediately. Secondly, the online reservation system is a hotel’s “reservation office”, open 24/7. Travel agents from anywhere around the world can contact a hotel and make reservations regardless of any time difference.

Pelican system also provides report features, which can assist a hotel in managing its rates and allotment. Even though a hotel may be dealing with numerous travel agents, monitoring and evaluating them will not come as any problem, with features such as a productivity report, insufficient inventory report, or payment facility.

Mrs Martha Velez, Sales Manager of Edelweiss Hotel affirmed, “The system not only favors our hotel in raising revenue, but also pleases travel agents.