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New Technologies to Revolutionise Web Travel Industry

TRAVELfusion and Nextres have integrated their technologies to create a powerful web distribution platform using XML.
XML technologies are widely considered the future of online trip planning, as it provides a highly flexible and cost effective solution for any travel provider to distribute its content. The data itself is kept in its raw form, and its applications are easily packed and updated to suit the needs of the expanding travel industry in a multi-channel environment.


“The importance of the successful integration of these technologies is that for the first time the providers are presented with a cost effective solution that will reduce distribution costs by up to 80%,” adds Mr. Niklas Hanell, CEO of Nextres. “By utilizing most current technologies such as J2EE and XML, the integration provides a reliable solution that reacts in real time to changes made to the core data of the provider.”

“This is the next step in the evolution of online travel search and distribution. It provides a complete solution to the travel industry, which compliments other current technologies,” says Mr. Moshe Rafiah, CEO of TRAVELfusion. “The viability of these new technologies increases in the long run, firstly, as it complies with Open Travel Alliance specification for new standards, and secondly, these technologies are extremely flexible and easy to shape to suit the growing needs of both providers and market.”