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Romney Dedicates Delta Air Lines’ New Terminal

Massachusetts Governor Mitt
Romney today officially dedicated the new Terminal A at Logan
International Airport and thanked Delta Air Lines for delivering a
world-class terminal for the people of Massachusetts. Governor Romney was
joined by Delta Air Lines CEO Gerald Grinstein, Massport CEO Craig Coy and
local elected officials as they unveiled a plaque that will be permanently
displayed in the main terminal ticketing hall.The 680,000 square-foot Terminal A is home to the full array of Delta’s
domestic products, including Delta Connection, Delta Shuttle and Song,
creating a seamless, more convenient travel experience for customers at
Logan Airport. Terminal A opened to Delta customers on March 16, 2005, and
has received rave reviews for its combination of amenities and aesthetics.
From the soaring windows and open views to the convenient connections to
parking facilities and Delta’s state-of-the-art technology including
self-service kiosks, gate information display screens at every gate and
Delta Direct phones, Terminal A provides an unparalleled level of comfort
and convenience for travelers.

“The completion of this new facility complements our effort to make Boston
and our entire Commonwealth a world-class destination. We want passengers
to know that they are in Boston while they are in the airport even if they
never set foot outside,” said Romney. “This new facility will serve as a
welcome mat to hundreds of thousands of tourists who fly into Logan. For
many, this terminal will be their first impression of Massachusetts, and
we want it to be a good one.”

“Delta’s new Terminal A facility at Logan International Airport reflects
our commitment as part of Delta’s transformation plan to make air travel
faster, easier and more pleasant for customers,” said Grinstein. “Terminal
A combines style with convenience so we can truly make time fly for
travelers to and from Boston and New England. We are honored to be here
with Governor Romney, Massport CEO Craig Coy, and Delta employees to
dedicate this beautiful new terminal to the people of Boston.”

Design began in early 2000 with construction of the $400 million Terminal
A commencing in May 2002. The project is a cornerstone of Massport’s $4
billion Logan Modernization Program which also includes an expanded
central parking facility, streamlined roadway connections, elevated
walkways connecting the terminals and parking facilities and an expanded
and modernized international terminal.

“Delta has a long and successful history at Logan Airport. Looking around
this terminal today, the future looks even brighter,” said Coy. “Terminal
A has set the benchmark for excellence in airport terminal design and we
are proud to welcome travelers to this modern marvel.”


Terminal A features unprecedented amenities and security features,

  - A direct connection to the Central Garage and Terminal B through climate-controlled, elevated pedestrian bridges with moving sidewalks;
  - Almost three times the space of Delta’s previous locations in Terminal
B and Terminal C combined;
  - One centralized security checkpoint with eight lanes to accommodate
peak customer travel periods;
  - State-of-the-art technology, including 32 self-service kiosks, eight Delta Direct phones and gate information display screens at every gate;
  - A fully automated customer service center;
  - Twelve fully-covered Skycap curbside check-in locations.
  - New retail and concessions space featuring 28 exciting new restaurants, bars and stores

Boston was designated as a focus city for Delta in 2004. Delta service in
Boston dates back to 1933 when Boston-Maine Airways, which became
Northeast Airlines, inaugurated service. Northeast Airlines merged with
Delta in 1972. Today Delta, Delta Shuttle, Delta Connection carriers and
Song serve 22 non- stop markets, offering 98 daily departures from Boston.