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TravelCLICK Unveils FuturePACE

Ray Cohen, President and co-CEO of TravelCLICK, today announced the upcoming release of FuturePACE, the company’s newest addition to its leading competitive intelligence reports for the hospitality industry.FuturePACE is a never-before-available reporting tool that provides forward-looking competitive booking data from the $11 billion GDS channel. It will be a supplement to TravelCLICK’s popular Hotelligence report, which is now being used by over 6,000 hotels around the world. Weekly reports identify future booking trends for a hotel and its local competitive set, highlighting opportunities to increase market share and revenues. With FuturePACE hoteliers can see their position in the market in enough time to change the future.

“FuturePACE is designed for use in a hotel’s weekly revenue meetings,” explained Cohen. “The views of a hotel’s performance against its competition into the future, as well as the daily overview of market demand, are powerful inputs to any hotel’s revenue management decisions. FuturePACE can take savvy hoteliers into a new realm of revenue management of the GDS channel. The upside from seeing the future today is unquestionably enormous.”

In addition to its value as a stand-alone product, FuturePACE will further enhance a hotelier’s ability to maximize profitability through its integration with other TravelCLICK solutions. For example, the effectiveness of Travel Agent Media campaigns will be visible on a weekly basis. This will enable hotels and TravelCLICK’s media planners to dynamically modify the campaign so as to maximize ROI from electronic marketing expenditures. And, used in conjunction with RateVIEW, TravelCLICK’s competitive rate-shopping tool, hoteliers will be able to measure the effectiveness of their GDS pricing strategies as never before possible.

“FuturePACE marks TravelCLICK’s advancement into a new era,” said Richard W. Gray, Chairman and co-CEO of TravelCLICK. “This supplement to Hotelligence creates opportunities for our clients to use more of our products in conjunction with one another, making the whole much greater than the sum of our individual parts. It is a major step forward… both for TravelCLICK and for the hotel industry.”

Hotelligence FuturePACE is currently in testing with over 50 hotels. Official release is scheduled for April 2005.