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Lufthansa Expands FlyNet Service

Lufthansa today said the expansion of
its in-flight wireless Internet service, FlyNet, which includes
Internet access from Connexion by Boeing, will pass another milestone
shortly when half of the airline’s North American gateways have the
service. Just 11 months since Lufthansa introduced the world’s first
wireless Internet service on commercial airplanes, flights into and out of
Boston, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Portland, San Francisco and
Washington, D.C. are now joining Charlotte, Denver and Los Angeles in
offering the service. The unprecedented availability of FlyNet(TM) includes a free Lufthansa
FlyNet(TM) portal containing real-time news, weather, sports and
destination information, as well as complete Internet access by Connexion
by Boeing for a small fee. Now, Lufthansa passengers have more choices
on-board, whether it’s following the weather forecast at their final
destination, surfing the Web or connecting to their company’s intranet or
email server to send and receive email with attachments.

As of March 27th, the Lufthansa North American gateways that will offer
the FlyNet(TM) service include:

* Boston-Munich (LH 425/LH 424) * Charlotte-Munich (LH 429/LH 428) *
Chicago-Munich (LH 435/LH 434) * Denver-Frankfurt (LH 447/LH 446) *
Detroit-Frankfurt (LH 443/LH 442) * Los Angeles-Munich (LH 453/LH 452) *
New York/JFK-Frankfurt (LH 401/LH 400) * New York/JFK-Munich (LH 411/LH
410) * Portland-Frankfurt (LH 469/LH 468) * San Francisco-Munich (LH
459/LH 458) * Washington, D.C.-Frankfurt (LH 417/LH 416)

“More and more travelers are taking advantage of the FlyNet service—
telling us it adds value to their experience on-board Lufthansa,” said
Thomas Winkelmann, Vice President—The Americas, for Lufthansa. “We look
forward to expanding the service in the months ahead,” Winkelmann added.

Peter Giliam, Vice President—Total Vehicle and Quality Management at
BMW, uses the service during frequent business trips between Charlotte,
North Carolina and Munich and wonders “how I ever managed without it.”
“With my return flight from Europe being a day flight, this is a great
opportunity to catch up on work e-mails and really have my ‘office’ in the
plane. I am logged into the business Intranet and network providing me
with the perfect ‘flying’ office! I also use the opportunity to surf the
Net and send private e-mails. The network speed is astonishingly good and
the stability is great as I have never lost the link,” Giliam added.