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The Legs Still Have It—on United

Legs of all shapes and sizes
remain royal guests in Economy Plus, as United continues enhancing
travel options for business travelers. While other U.S. airlines shrink legroom, United’s most recent national TV
and print ad campaign, created in the award-winning illustrative style of
United brand ads, affirms that spacious Economy Plus seating will remain
available for loyal customers. TV spots and ads to be used in Chicago—
the last U.S. hub with two major carriers, United and American—position
leggy Economy Plus as the business traveler’s prerequisite and take aim at
American’s shrinking legroom.

“Customers seated in Economy Plus rate their overall flight experience
better than customers seated in Economy class,” says Dennis Cary, senior
vice president of Marketing for United. “Customer satisfaction is the
basis of our business strategy, so we will continue highlighting business
traveler perks—even if other airlines scale back their customer
offerings. We think it is critical to reinforce Economy Plus, one of our
key differentiators, with this campaign.”

Full-fare customers and Mileage Plus elite members qualify for Economy
Plus seating on every flight. In addition, Economy customers are now able
to purchase Economy Plus seats on EasyCheck-in units, subject to
availability. In addition to extra legroom, Economy Plus customers enjoy
early boarding and preferred access to overhead bins.

United Economy Plus seats have a pitch of 34 to 36 inches—three to five
inches more than the industry standard of 31 inches—which provides 35
percent more legroom than an Economy seat. This seat option was first
installed on aircraft five years ago and is now available on all United
flights, including Ted. United’s B747 and B777 aircraft each have more
than 80 Economy Plus seats, while smaller aircraft have at least 36 seats.