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Shepherd Systems Provides BMED with Clarity

BMED has contracted with S.D. Shepherd Systems for use of its Market Information Data Transfer (MIDT) product, Clarity?. Designed primarily for small-to-medium sized airlines, Clarity provides affordable, detailed and timely market intelligence.


Clarity provides strategic information by accurately tracking market performance for all competing airlines, which will strengthen BMED’s ability to intelligently prepare and confidently perform in today’s ever-changing industry. Clarity monitors trends and future projections and enables clients to react to market conditions in an effective and efficient manner.

“We are confident Clarity will aid us in identifying new revenue opportunities by providing superior market intelligence. Teaming with Shepherd Systems will ensure an advantage in today’s competitive market,” said Richard Cann, general manager, Commercial, BMED.

“BMED is an ideal candidate to prosper from Clarity’s MIDT capabilities,” said Flo Lugli, senior vice president of Airline Solutions for Cendant’s Travel Distribution Services and general manager, Shepherd Systems. “As we continue to expand Clarity’s cost-effective offerings globally, we are delighted by this endorsement in the European marketplace.”


Clarity provides a more effective mode to access vital MIDT data by minimizing costs for airlines that need less market information compared to major carriers. Clarity is available via the Internet and can be accessed anytime, anyplace providing significant cost-and time-saving results, as no additional hardware or implementation costs are necessary.