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Travelcare Announces Technology Investment

Travelcare is to roll out Comtec’s EasySell Web and TravelCat systems to the company’s nationwide call centres.Comtec’s systems will replace Travelcare’s existing bespoke legacy solution. The development follows implementation of the systems across Travelcare’s high street retail travel network.

EasySell Web will provide Travelcare’s call centre teams with the ability to search multiple tour operators’ product quickly in one place, where previously Travelcare agents interrogated systems individually.

The introduction of the leading agency management system TravelCat to Travelcare’s call centres will provide access to customer information across all distribution channels, enabling bookings to be completed and amended in store, over the phone or online.

Mark Hale, head of IS Operations for Travelcare said: “Travelcare’s difference is that we’re not a vertically integrated group, so it is essential our advisers can remain independent when dealing with customers. To do this, we must check a wide range of product before making recommendations, a process that was previously time-intensive and inefficient. Our investment in Comtec’s industry-leading solutions will transform our productivity.”

Richard Turner, Comtec sales director said: “Comtec is established as the travel industry’s foremost provider of agency systems, and major wins such as Travelcare continue to strengthen our position at the head of the market.


“The travel industry is evolving and agents are recognising how they need to work more effectively. With our history of success in the agency sector, Comtec is best placed to provide effective, strategic support and systems to help our clients take on the challenge of a new marketplace.”