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One&Only Pamilla Introduce Unique Entertainment for Guests

One&Only Palmilla, Mexico’s premier luxury resort that opened in February 2004 after a $100 million renovation, has introduced unique entertainment experiences for its guests with the addition of PMDs (or personal media devices) and iPods.ÊThe resort’s iPods have been customized with specific music selections adapting them to suit the environment in which they are offered at various areas of the resort including the pools, fitness center and a secluded area overlooking the coastline known as Hammock Hill.ÊÊ One&Only Palmilla is the first resort to introduce personal media devices - touted as “next year’s entertainment must-have” - which are pre-loaded with a selection of both music and movies and are tailored for each guest prior to arrival.Ê

All one-bedroom suites at One&Only Palmilla offer personal media devices for guests to watch movies or listen to music while relaxing on their private terraces, lounging on the beach or anywhere they choose to take them within the resort.Ê Each personal media player has a diverse selection of music and movies already programmed into the devices, selected based on the most popular CD and DVD requests that the resort has received over the past year.Ê

In addition to this core selection, guests in all one-bedroom suites can request prior to their arrival that specific movies be programmed into the personal media devices.Ê One-bedroom suites also come with iPods for guests to enjoy which have a large selection of music.Ê These iPods can also be personalized with specific requests prior to a guest’s arrival.

IPods are also available at One&Only Palmilla in three different settings: poolside, in the fitness center and at the resort’s Hammock Hill.Ê One of the resort’s most relaxing environments for guests to enjoy the iPods is on Hammock Hill, where they have been customized with an extensive selection of relaxation and meditation music.Ê Located on the hill leading up to One&Only Palmilla’s historic chapel, Hammock Hill offers a series of secluded hammocks where guests can relax overlooking the spectacular coastline.Ê Every private hammock is surrounded by a particular kind of aromatic flower and plant offering, each offering a distinct scent.Ê Butler service is on hand to provide guests with iPods and refreshments, allowing for a truly calming experience.

While lounging at either of One&Only Palmilla’s infinity-edge pools, the pool concierge offers guests everything from 24 different types of suncare products, wake-up calls, and pillows to bottled water chilled on ice and iPods.Ê With over 1,000 songs and numerous playlists covering an array of genres such as pop, rock, Mexican, classical, Mariachi and jazz, guests can listen to anything that fits their mood. Ê


At One&Only Palmilla’s 2,000-square-foot fitness center, iPods are available to use while working out.Ê The fitness center’s iPods have been customized with upbeat and energizing music selections, making them a perfect accompaniment for a workout.Ê

All personal media devices and iPods in one-bedroom suites at One&Only Palmilla are available free of charge, including any custom musical selections.Ê IPods that are available for use at the pool, fitness center and Hammock Hill are complimentary to all guests.Ê