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Sun-N-Sand Group Hotel Powers Website with Pelican System

The Sun n Sand Hotel Corporate Portfolio, holding the most classic 5-star hotels in the region, now takes the opportunity to build its online reservations, especially targeting an international market of travel agents and corporate clients, with Pelican System.  Boasting three prime properties in Mumbai, Pune and Shirdi, the Sun n Sand Hotel has catered to numbers of travel agents and corporate clients worldwide, through binding paper contacts. As the world has moved into a ‘cyber-era’, Sun n Sand carefully consider online ‘paperless’ system to be more effective and efficient in certain manners)

According to Mr Wilfred Mascarenhas, the Corporate Sales and Marketing Manager of Sun n Sand Hotel: ” Online contracting, introduced by Pelican, indeed helps us in capturing the incremental number of online reservations. Room rates and allotment can be adjusted any time, as we apply revenue management. Now, all our travel agents and corporate clients can check rates and availability whenever they wish, as we will issue a login and password for each of them.”

Facilities offered by Pelican provide options to handle most types of advance payments, including credit-card online payment, advance deposits, prepayments, and client credit. Beside setting credit limits and pay-by dates, the facility can also be configured to suggest alternate payment options. For example, an agent who has used up his advance deposit might be offered the opportunity to pay by credit card for an additional, last-minute booking

“The payment facility pioneered by Pelican system indeed helps us, as many bookers were reluctant to give credit card details by phone or via email. This will lead to tremendous benefits as reservations are guaranteed, while no-shows and last minute cancellations are considerably reduced.”

Of all the advanced features provided by Pelican System, “user-friendliness” is the paramount one. Inputting data steps are designed to be as clear as possible, so that fewer mistakes could possibly occur. Mr Wilfred Mascarenhas says, “This is a cost- effective program, as only a short training session is required to understand the program, and it is simple to operate for all levels of employees.”