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DRAGONE Unveils Le Rêve at Wynn Las Vegas

The highly anticipated
signature show from the DRAGONE Company to launch Wynn Las Vegas will be
called: Le Rêve. “A small collection of imperfect dreams.” Following their extremely successful partnership over the last 10 years,
visionaries Steve Wynn and internationally acclaimed director Franco
Dragone (‘O’, Mystère, Celine Dion. ANew Day), are reuniting once more to
reinvent the Las Vegas landscape. Le Rêve (French for The Dream) will have
the World Premier on May 6th at Wynn Las Vegas, a new Resort which will
symbolize luxury and elegance situated on the 217 acre site of the
legendary Desert Inn.

The aquatic spectacular will be performed in a remarkable purpose built
domed theater designed by DRAGONE. Constructed “in the round,” the first
of its kind in Las Vegas, the farthest seat in the 14 rows is just 40 feet
from the action creating a uniquely intimate and personal theater-going
experience which surrounds, involves and embraces the spectators.

“My aim with Le Rêve is to create an entirely new universe, to transport
everyone into a world where the theater, performance and audience become
one and the same reality,” says Franco. “To take them on a journey that
through their consciousness touches the emotions in a way that is
different and goes further than anything I have done before. To provoke
memories and communicate to the audience the fragility of humanity.”

“Stones and stars are our sisters” continues Franco paraphrasing Hubert
Reeves, “life is short but our race is forever and we all have a
responsibility to preserve the links in the chain of life.”

Believing that we never dream completely, are never awake completely; are
never totally happy or sad, DRAGONE is presenting “a small collection of
imperfect dreams” that question our place in the universe through a
completely new form of staging and artistic performance, where the theater
and water are alive with a translucent energy.


And so, this is the inspiration behind Le Rêve, a new and once again
innovative direction in the approach of Franco Dragone.

A very special cast of artists and characters has been discovered from
around the globe and will bring this beautiful theater to life twice a

Ten shows will be performed each week at 7:30 pm and 10:30 pm, with dark
days on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Tickets which are all “center stage” are priced at $110 plus tax and will
be on sale to hotel guests from March 29th.