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TRAVELfusion Announces Grant of US Patent for its TRIPplannerXML Technologies

TRAVELfusion has been awarded a US patent (No: 6,834,229 B2) for TRIPplannerXML - the first XML platform to combine location based trip planning with the search aggregation and booking of web fares.ÊÊÊÊÊ

TRIPplannerXML innovation centres on the powerful integration between state-of-the-art location-based multi-modal trip planning engines and automated access to travel suppliers’ web content. Built from the ground up, TRIPplannerXML is the first to introduce the concept of trip planning in a distributed web environment. The result is a dynamic and intelligent set of modular flight, rail, hotel, car, ferry & ground transportation engines that consolidate web content and facilitate direct bookings on the suppliers web sites.

TRIPplannerXML provides an essential solution to GDS, online travel agents, self booking tool (SBT) applications and travel management companies as it enables the integration of web fares and diverse multi-modal web content to their distribution and travel applications.

From web fares and low cost airlines to rail, hotel, car, ferry & ground transportation, TRIPplannerXML provides a simple, open standard API for the integration of powerful trip planning engines and real-time web bookable content. Already integrated with leading travel e-commerce technology suppliers, online agencies, travel management companies, TRIPplannerXML is now leading the revolution in B2C travel search and comparison services.

“The grant of the patent gives TRAVELfusion a unique advantage in the web distribution space and recognizes the innovative approach we have taken to trip planning and multi-modal content. Major online agents and leading travel management companies have been taking advantage of TRIPplannerXML proving the demand for web fares and direct access to travel suppliers. At the same time, we continue to rapidly expand our travel supplier affiliate programme, which currently has over 70 web suppliers”, says Moshe Rafiah, CEO of TRAVELfusion. “TRIPplannerXML is also leading the way in providing the most advanced and innovative technologies that power travel search engines and comparison B2C services”.