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Landmark Mandarin Oriental Selects Unique Fan

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental has unveiled its own decorative fan - an elaborate French antique (c.1880) that features black gauze leaf and silver sequins, inlaid with silver diamonds - perfectly complementing the hotel’s contemporary platinum logo.Susanne Hatje, General Manager of the iconic new hotel in Hong Kong’s Landmark complex, says the fan truly reflects the qualities of the new property. “We selected this fan from renowned antiques specialist, Teresa Coleman, because it is sophisticated with very clean lines.”

The well-recognised fan logo, the symbol of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, was launched in 1985. Designed by Pentagram, a design house based in London and New York, it is representative of the group’s luxurious and elegant image, and yet still reflective of each hotel’s local charm.

The fan symbol was deemed the perfect logo - a classic, simple design that denotes elegance, luxury and comfort. It is a symbol that not only serves to connect each hotel to the group, but in turn each Mandarin Oriental hotel is also inextricably linked to its own unique fan.