Breaking Travel News Launches Newsletter

Hitting the road for a cross-country adventure with Fido and Fluffy in tow can be a chance to bond with a beloved pet; but with different pet policies, rules, laws, and
regulations looming around every corner, it’s hard for pet owners to get
their trips planned, much less off the ground.The newsletter addresses the concerns all pet owners face when trying to plan
a relaxing, fur-filled vacation.

“Pets on the go have more specialized needs and concerns than purely
stay-at-home pets,” states spokesperson, Brian Bailey.
“There are pet etiquette, health, and other regulations that traveling pet
owners need to be aware of to have safe and happy trips.”

The newsletter articles focus on the special needs of the
traveling pet. What should pet owners look for in a pet friendly hotel?
How much extra should they expect to pay in pet fees and why? What should
pet owners do if their pet gets lost while traveling? How should pet
owners choose the best crate for their pets? What should pet owners do if
their pet gets sick or injured while away from home?

In addition, the newsletter also contains valuable information about the
challenges all pet owners face, inspiring articles on pet charities that
have beaten the odds and special hotel and vacation deals just for subscribers.

Traveling pets face a plethora of concerns. Wading through local health
codes, airline restrictions, and hotel pet policies can be overwhelming
for many pet owners. Understanding how to travel successfully with a pet
can help to alleviate stress and keep vacations as they are intended to be